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The Swanton Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that strives to build relationships with area businesses and members of our community. As a group , we work together to promote growth in Swanton and surrounding areas by hosting monthly meetings, business mixers, and community-building events. Becoming a chamber member is easy with two different levels of membership. Benefits of membership include free advertising on our website as well as our Facebook page, a listing in our business directory and opportunities to promote your business at our events. We are passionate about building new relationships with others, helping you becoming successful in Swanton and the overall preservation of the Vermont quality of life.

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Swanton Chamber of Commerce is the only fully volunteer chamber board in Vermont, relying solely on volunteer efforts. Without any paid staff, it remains a well-respected organization that organizes events, promotes local businesses, and supports the community.

The board members’ strong commitment to their mission and dedication to providing valuable resources and services to chamber members and the wider community shows when community members are willing to pitch in and work collaboratively, great things can be achieved.

Adam Paxman


Nicholas Brosseau


Rich Kelley


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Herbert Bartemy

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