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History of The Royal Swans

The Swanton Chamber of Commerce proudly maintains the Swanton “Royal” swans, a unique part of our town’s history. These swans, a gift from the Queen of England in 1961, were a gesture that celebrated our town’s 1963 bicentennial. The idea was conceived by a Montreal public relations man with a camp in Swanton, who arranged for a pair of swans to be sent from a naturalist trust in Norfolk, England, with the Queen’s blessing. They spend summers on the green and stay over winter at a private residence. While today’s swans aren’t the original, Swanton still affectionately calls them the Royal Swans.

A little over two hundred years ago, an Englishman named Captain William Swanton founded what is now known as the Town of Swanton, Vermont. On the occasion of the 3rd Annual Swanton Summer Festival, it was deemed desirable that a link with Britain, the homeland of the founder of Swanton, should be established tangibly. Thus, on the 29th  day of July in the year 1961, two swans were formally presented by Hon. T.A. Kirkland, M.D.Minister without Portfolio, Province of Quebec, and accepted by F. Ray Keyser, Jr., Governor of the State of Vermont.

The swans were obtained and transported by Trans-Canada Air Lines with the kind permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in conjunction with the Norfolk Naturalist Trust of Hickling Broad, Norfolk, England, and the office of the Clerk of the Smallburgh Rural District Council, which includes the Village of Swanton Abbot.

The Swans Today

At Swanton Park, we, the community, take great pride in caring for the beautiful swans and sharing them with our visitors.  We are constantly planning and improving, with the current focus on expanding the pond and upgrading the current setup.  Your donations towards this end and their upkeep are crucial and can be made on our secure site.  We are always excited to learn about our visitors and encourage you to sign our guest book and share your thoughts and feelings, as your engagement makes our conservation efforts possible.

The Swanton Chamber of Commerce hopes that the swans will serve as an example to all who pass by the international friendship between Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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We take care of the beautiful swans at the Swanton Park and love to share them with visitors. We have a guest book where visitors can share their thoughts and feelings.

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