Swanton Village & Town

Swanton is one of the most beautifully located communities in Vermont. It is in the northwestern corner of the state bordered by Lake Champlain on the west, Interstate 89 with the foothills of the Green Mountains to the east, and Québec to the north.

Swanton Public Library

The Library was established in 1899 by a town vote, with the building in which it is housed erected in 1915 on land donated for that purpose.

The Library was the personal project of the Golden Rule Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons – a charitable group which formed the first reading room in the Corner House on the corner of First St. and Grand Ave. The Corner House burned down, and the King’s Daughter and Sons went to raising money for the establishment of a new public library.

Swanton Recreation Department

The Swanton Recreation’s mission is to develop diverse, affordable, recreational programs and activities for the community, in a safe and welcoming environment.

Swanton Historical Society

The Swanton Historical Society, located in Swanton, Vermont, is a dedicated institution preserving and showcasing the rich history of the local community. With a focus on historical artifacts, documents, and events, the society plays a crucial role in educating and engaging visitors about Swanton’s past.

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