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Get ready for a spine-chilling and enchanting experience at Halloween In The Park! Immerse yourself in a world of Halloween wonders as the park transforms into a captivating realm of festive delight.  Join us for an evening of ghoulish fun, as families and friends come together to celebrate this beloved holiday. Explore the park adorned with dazzling decorations, encounter spooky surprises at every corner, and delight in thrilling activities for all ages. From haunted trails and pumpkin carving contests to costume parades and trick-or-treating, Halloween In The Park offers a safe and memorable experience for everyone. Let your imagination run wild, embrace the Halloween spirit, and create lasting memories in this enchanting setting. Don’t miss out on this spooktacular event that will leave you spellbound. Join us at Halloween In The Park and let the magic of Halloween come alive!

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Sponsoring an event in Swanton Park offers numerous benefits for your organization or brand. By associating with a well-attended event in this popular public space, you can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and recognition among a diverse and engaged audience

Swans, Betty and Sam in the Swanton Park
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